In-Person & On-Campus Appointments

In-person or on-campus appointments take place on the campus of a California Community College or rarely occur at the office of the legal provider.

  • The appointment will take place in a designated room.
  • The room will be a private location where the caseworker and client can talk in confidence.
  • The address of the building and room number where the appointment takes place will be communicated via the confirmation and reminder emails or other communications with the legal provider.
  • Be sure to check your email and SMS messages for information about the appointment.

Not all campuses offer in-person or on-campus appointments. This can be due to COVID restrictions or availability of caseworkers in the area. If a campus does not offer an in-person option, there are virtual appointments available. Please search for virtual appointments.

  For in-person appointments, confirm that you are able to access transportation to the campus for the date and time of the appointment.

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