How to Search by ZIP code

  1. To find the school or schools that offer immigration legal services closest to your ZIP code, enter the ZIP code into the search bar.


  2. Select Virtual or In-person for appointment type. Some campuses offer both types of appointments while others offer only one or the other type.

  3. Click on Search

  4. If there are multiple schools near the ZIP code, select the school that you are affiliated with. If the school you are affiliated with is not displayed as an option, select from one of the closest schools.

  5. Select a specific service if prompted.

  6. If there are no appointments available for your search criteria, try to

    • Adjust the search from Virtual appointments to In-Person appointments or vice versa.

    • Rarely, no appointments are available at the nearby campus(es). In that situation, contact the email or phone number provided for more assistance.

  7. If there are appointments available, continue to select a date and time that works with your schedule.

  8. Complete the intake form and schedule your appointment.

  9. Check your email for more information about the appointment.

  For In-person appointments, be sure to confirm that you are able to travel to the campus for the appointment. If not, search for virtual appointment options.

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